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Rikalize is now 17 years old and a Grade 11 learner at Afrikaans Hoër Meisies Skool Pretoria. And residing in the boarding school during the week. Rikalize is not only academic driven but are also active in sports and culture.
She acquires Academic honor colors in from 2016-2019 for an academic average of 80%.
I attend an Aquaculture Farming Management Course - Aquaculture Innovation Grahams Town Build phase one of her mini Aquaculture farm consisting of 4 dams 1000 fish and 700m of NFT, the start of my journey.
Head Girl – Kameelfontein Primary School - small scale fish and Aquaponic farmer.
2015 Nominated for Green Warrior Award – SA Maritime Industry Awards, Various media interests.
Eskom Science Expo - Gold Medal winner “Decoupled Aquaponic system” to re-use effluent bio solid water.
At the time of re-search and implementation at my farm it was not officially documented or theoretically proved (Theoretical proofed thesis July 16, 2016- seven Universities Europe)”.
La Pieus Aqua, became the first Commercial aquaponics systems to be certified by the Aquaponic Association of Southern Africa.
School Honours Decoration – Eskom Science Expo
SRC council for the Boarding school
School Honours Decoration – Academics School Honours Decoration – Culture
Nominated YAFF awards – Youth in Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries - I was disqualified because I was to young.
Invited Guest speaker at the 2017 World Aquaculture convention - Cape Town and also presenting research Paper on DAPS concept.
Combined assistant Workshop with James Rakocy - Father of Aquaponics – University in the Virgin Islands – presented by Stellenbosch University
Keynote Speaker at PPC Women’s day celebration
Guess Speaker at Southern Africa Women’s Agricultural Union Year Conference
Guess Speaker at Kragdag – Pretoria, Launch of the (Lappies Urban Aquaponic system).
Invited Guest Exhibitor: GDARD stand – Gauteng Agriculture Investment Conference (Lappies Urban Aquaponic system).
Invited Guest Exhibitor: North West Agriculture – Mafikeng Agricultural Rural Development expo. (Lappies Urban Aquaponic system).
SRC for the Boarding school SRC – School Student Council.
Invited Guest Exhibitor: Gauteng Innovative Technological Conference. (Lappies Urban Aquaponic system)
La Pieus Aqua gets full research accreditation and are registered as a living LAB by Belgium Campus and KU LEUVEN UNIVERSITY in Belgium.
Invited Guest Exhibitor: - Annual NAMPO harvest festival, Botha Ville.

Invited Guest Exhibitor for Gauteng Premier, at the Metropolitan World cities and city regions International convention. (Lappies Urban Aquaponic system).
Aug 2018 Gauteng IMBEWU Science Expo - Gold Medal winner as well as best overall winner at expo for 2018. "Sustainable Modular Aquaponics Unit - To Feed Africa”.
Nominated by SA Business Women's Magazine as one of the leading young business women of the future.
Dec 2018 National Gold Winner Imbewu Science Expo - chosen to represent SA in the Tunisia in 2019.
March 2019 Represents SA at the International IFEST2 Science and Entrepreneurs Competition in Tunisia, wins the GOLD Medal for her “Innovation Eco System for Sustainable Food Production - Lappies Unit - to Feed Africa.
La Pieus Aqua is awarded a Grant From the Flemish Government in Collaboration with Belgium Campus for her Unique Lappies Modular System to be rolled out in Soweto and Diepsloot in SA, This is a three year Project and fully financed by the Flemish Government.
April 2019 Finalist for the Better Together Award 2019 – Berlin Germany: In Search of the World's Best Collaborations for Climate Action, International Conference on Climate Action (ICCA) 2019.
Sept 2019 Keynote speaker at the Urban Agri Africa conference.
Oct 2019 Special paricipant in the very firts LCA Spark talk Talks ( same as TED talks).
Oct 2019 Recieve one of the Highest awards from her school as the best and most extrodanary Ambassador for the school. The last time this award was presented was in 1953.
Her Company La Pieus Aqua is awarded a contract to Build the Third Bigest Tilapia Hactchery on the African Continent. The Project started in the Begining of October and has been 80% completed. This will be a true BluePrint design and construction of her Knowlege.
Her Modular Aquaponic sysstem were invited at numerous occations from Nampo to Benin, as Primary exibitor due to her extensive research and extensive work on sustainable food production to Feed Africa.
At 17, Rikalize is a well-known and influential figure in the Aquaculture and Aquaponic industry in South Africa and Africa with many footprints around the world.
Rikalize is humble, but a hardworking and passionate person. Always eager to learn something new and share her knowledge and expertise with the people around her.
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