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Ms Chohan served as Deputy Minister of Home Affairs. She was first appointed as a Member of Parliament in 1996 and became Deputy Minister of Home Affairs in 2010. As a policy- maker Ms Chohan has been involved in reforming the criminal justice system, and was instrumental in the enactment of laws pertaining to Bail, Sexual Offences, the Directorate of Special Operations (SCORPIONS), Asset Forfeiture, Witness Protection and Minimum Sentences for especially serious crimes. She was instrumental in drafting the three- stream school system for the ANC, which is geared toward realigning the school system with the needs of the economy. A version of this policy was adopted by DBE two years ago. Her work with the Refugee System in the country has been substantive and aimed at eliminating fraudulent claims while securing better access and qualitative outcomes for genuine asylum seekers. This has earned South Africa high praise from the United Nations High Commission on Refugees who recently noted that South Africa is leading in humanitarian efforts both on the continent and abroad, while focussing on the root causes of refugee flows.
She served as one of the Parliamentary Representatives on the Magistrate's Commission and later became Chairperson of the Western Cape Provincial Committee of the Magistrate's Commission. In addition, she also served in the Judicial Services Commission between 2009 and 2014.  
ANC positions include Co-convenor of the African National Congress Task Team on Local Government Negotiating Forum in Gauteng Province (1993-6). Alternate Representative of the Transvaal Indian Congress at CODESSA (1990-94); Branch Secretary Azaadville, Krugersdorp (1994-1996); Deputy Chair of the Robert Waterwich Thornton (RWT) Branch of the ANC (2010-2018) and Chairperson of the RWT Branch of the ANC (2018-current).
She is currently the proprietor of F Chohan Legal Consultants which is focuses on public sector law with a specific focus on Administrative Justice.
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